Posted: July 25, 2013 in Suara Hati


Talk legal issues in Indonesia is not an interest apart from a handful of people that have no end, when a thief cocoa pods in plantation Rumpun Sari Antan 4 Company, Minah 55 year old grandmother with 3 grandchildren had seized the attention of media and public at large. Regarding the stolen goods is just a seed of the cacao fruit which is then stuck into a seed uneven legal issues.

Many people who protested outside the courtroom while the perpetrators of corruption in Indonesia sentenced to only 1-2 year notes is very detrimental to society at large and even the national level and even then still get a remission, then why when a grandmother who just stole the cocoa fruit seedlings can be sentenced to imprisonment for 1 month 15 days.

It is already no stranger to legal status in Indonesia. Stick like a sword “Sharp blunt bottom up”, the law applies only hard on small communities or the poor.

After the sentence fell to the 55 year old grandmother, listless and disappointed faces can not be hidden, and if asked to be where your conscience, while at the face of a judge. (Riezky Adrian, 25/7/2013).

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