Posted: September 8, 2014 in Suara Hati
The first time I saw her I did not feel anything , that is just a shadow passing pat on the head and said this girl is unique, cute, and has a strong character of the other girls. That afternoon she entered my office, I accidentally heard from a manager that she’s named with the initials C.V, not long after she was out of my office and she’ll walk into the elevator door, then she put forth his hand and said, ” My name is C.V” and I will mention my name as he opened the access door with a smile at her.
Day in and day do not feel already 2 months I worked in a private bank, she’s came back to see my work chamber a manager with a stare and beautiful smile to me and I will respond, but the time that I still think of it as normal without a sense of . But after several meetings it continues and as we started the familiar and greet each other when meeting each other, every time she smiled, waved hello and this makes me ask if she feels something different from this meeting or even just simply ordinary sense of immediacy.
Every night I always thought of him as if all this is so mean in each second of it after all this time I do not feel like this. But I think and say to in my heart, I was just the guard, and she is far above my position is like heaven and earth, of course it becomes a question mark the largest ever received in life. What she actually saw and wanted me to “Only she and God to knows”? do not feel my working has been 7 months, her sense of affections turns into love that I keep saving this self and then I ventured to find out who he is and whether she was motivation and hospitality that I received from him during this.
In every prayer I pleaded with God, “Oh God .. Please, give me of your the clue if she is immortal pair then I’ll unite us in love, if not I’m resigned to the decision and give the best servant”. To be continuous “Insya Allah” ..
Riezky Adrian, 08/09/2014.

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